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You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘Information is power’. But you’ve also heard the phrase ‘With great power, comes great responsibility’. In the digital age, this has never been more true. As an organisation which holds people’s information, we have a responsibility to keep that information safe and use it appropriately.

In this course, you’ll find out how to do just that. Specifically, you’ll explore:

  • Your personal responsibilities in information security
  • What the law says
  • Risk management strategies
  • Cyber security basics


In this course, you'll cover the basics of Health and Safety we expect all of our staff to know to keep everyone safe from harm. You'll explore:

  • First aid
  • CPR
  • Fire safety
  • Managing stress

The course includes a combination of online and face-to-face training which you can complete over a few weeks. Please complete this course before the end of your probation period. 


This course on active listening provides an introduction for those new to the area. This is particularly useful for new managers and those involved in coaching and mentoring schemes across the business.

This is an example of a single activity course in Totara Learn. Courses often contain multiple activities which are presented to learners on a course page. But if your course just includes on activity, you can use the single activity format which launches the activity immediately. In this example, the single activity is a SCORM object. This reduces the number of clicks your learner has to do to access their learning content. E-learning

Not sure how to set up your work space correctly to maintain your health at work? Then follow this short e-learning tutorial which guides you through the steps to take. Remember to use this again if you move desks or as a reminder when you're hot desking or working from home. 


At some point in all of our careers, it's likely we'll need to handle a difficult conversation. There are strategies and skills you can learn to help you do this effectively and professionally. At this workshop you'll see demonstrations of these skills in action, and have the chance to put them into action yourself in a series of practical activities.